Ultrasonic Cutters

Automated Ultrasonic Cutters are brilliantly effective machines for cutting and edge-sealing synthetic fabric.

Offering production speeds 3-4 times better than conventional ultrasonic cutters, Aeronaut Ultra cutters can carry both ultrasonic and crush cutting tools giving users the full choice of cutting and sealing technologies to get the best results on any fabric.

Because more than one pattern can be nested and cut on a vacuum table bed without moving the fabric, not only is production speed increased, but fabric waste and mistakes are reduced by a huge amount.

Aeronaut B2 Ultra Ultrasonic cutting table

Aeronaut’s Ultra machines feature bayonet mount quick-change tooling which means that even on the entry-level Elektron B1 Ultra, you can swap from ultrasonic to crush cutting in a matter of seconds.

Tool pressures are computer controlled and set by the fabric template in software so the right pressure is automatically used for every job. This results in the best product quality but it also means that tool life is optimised so that operating costs can be lower than with conventional machines.

Elektron B1 Ultra

Aeronaut manufactures ultrasonic cutting systems to suit all needs and budgets from the single steered tool Elektron B1 Ultra to the two tool Elektron B2 Ultra.