Prodim 3D Digitisers

 The Proliner 7 is more compact and over 20% lighter than the Proliner 8.

Proliner 7


The Proliner® 8 is the most advanced model in the Proliner’s range. The Proliner® 8 is available in a 2D and 3D version. This model is advanced, both in functionality and in looks. All your professional measurements can be finished onsite at the Proliner®.

Proliner 8


This state of the art “self-contained” unit combines advanced functionality with rugged reliability. The Proliner 10 is available in both 2D and 3D.

Proliner 10


Expand your measuring possibilities enormously with the Prodim laser in combination with your Proliner® or a mini computer.The Prodim laser is a flexible 3D digitizer. This long distance laser is mounted on a rotating stationary unit. You have a portable measuringsolution which can be placed anywhere…

Proliner laser


Simplify your production process enormously with the Procutter® Plotter. Easily connect the Procutter® Plotter to the Proliner® with a USB stick, Proliner® host software or CAD program and you just created the Winning Team. First measure your objects digitally and than immediately produce a physical…



To improve and optimize your production process Prodim International BV is always searching for the best software solutions in your branch. We can already provide you with the following software solutions: Proliner® Unfold software, Proliner® Countertop software as well as customized software.

Countertop drawing

Prodim International BV offers several accessories with the Proliner®.