Blade Cutters

Rotary Blade Cutters are the most common type of cutter for the vast majority of industrial, recreational and technical textiles.

Aeronaut Quattro

Rotary blade cutters (also referred to as pizza wheel cutters) are fast, clean and accurate. The blade is circular and rolls over the material to be cut, and is steered (referred to as tangential steering) along the direction of the cut by the cutter’s motion controller.

Rotary blade cutters are fast. Typical cut speeds can be around 600 – 1000 mms/second considerably faster than high ply cutters. Since the blade is so thin and sharp, the cut quality of rotary blade cutters is also very good. Good enough in many cases that no hemming is required.

A variable amount of pressure is applied to the cutting blade, normally by air pressure, sufficient to cut the material on the table. On Aeronaut rotary blade cutters, the cutting pressure can be very accurately controlled from software using a digital pressure gauge. The depth of the cut is controlled either by the cutting pressure, or by shoulders on either side of the cutting blade.

There are three sizes of cutting blade. 18 mm for small shapes and accurate curves. 28 mm is the general purpose blade used for cutting most shapes. 45 mm is the largest blade size and is used for cutting thick materials such as carpet where detailed cutting is not normally required.

Aeronaut manufactures several types of rotary blade cutters. The Elektron Quattro, Elektron B2, Elektron Mono WS, Elektron Mono LC and Elektron Laser ZX can all be fitted with rotary blades. In fact, since all Aeronaut cutters have quick-change tooling, you can carry almost all types of cutters on most Aeronaut machines.