Proliner® 8

Proliner® 8 Series


Proliner 8

The Proliner® 8 is available in a 2D and 3D version. This model is advanced, both in functionality and in looks. All your professional measurements can be finished onsite at the Proliner®.

Proliner® 8 2D

This totally self contained unit is perfect for all your professional measurements and weights only 10 kg. The Proliner® 8 2D measures only in 2D. It can run on rechargeable batteries or via a socket connection for optimal power flexibility. The foldable measuring head is perfect for optimal protection during transport. The two storage boxes provide a lot of extra storage space for batteries, scanners etc. Working in noisy environments is no problem because of the adjustable beep-volume. The wire has a length of 7,5 meter radius and a diameter of 15 meters. With the integrated Proliner® Leapfrog software measurements larger than 15 meter can be easily reached. The extensive integrated CAD software makes it possible to complete your drawings on the job site very easily and prepare it for production. The output in DXF, CCD and TXT can be directly downloaded on a USB stick through the special USB port. The large screen size is 10”. The Proliner® 8 2D can be easily upgraded to the Proliner® 8 3D.

Proliner® 8 3D

This model measures in 3D as well as 2D. The rechargeable batteries as well as the power supply via cable makes it very flexible to work with. This totally self contained unit weights only 10 kg and has a foldable measuring head for optimal protection during transport. It can be easily stored in overhead compartments in airplanes. The Proliner® has a adjustable beep-volume. In the two storage boxes you can save two batteries, scanners and even a digital camera. The length of the wire is 7,5 meter with a diameter of 15 meters. The integrated Proliner® Leapfrog software makes it possible to measure surfaces even larger than 15 meter. With the extensive integrated CAD software you can easily complete your drawings on the job site and download it directly to a USB stick. The output is in DXF, CCD and TXT. The size of the screen is 10”.

                  Proliner 8