The Elektron Mono LC/WS is a single Cam-Lock Toolholder automated cutter.

The Elektron Mono WS and Elektron Mono LC computer controlled Plotter-Cutters from Aeronaut are rotary blade cutters designed to handle the widest fabrics and the toughest work-loads. The Elektron Mono WS and Elektron Mono LC are the most affordable of Aeronaut’s range of plotter cutters they have been designed without compromise in terms of performance and long service life. All machines in the Elektron range share the same heavy duty chassis which has been designed to span 6.5 metres.

Elektron Mono WS

The two machines are identical in external appearance and feature Aeronaut’s new Cam-lock quick-change tooling (Patent applied for). Tools lock positively and firmly in place with perfect indexing of blade height and angle. Tools can be changed in less than 20 seconds. You can fit a wide range of tools to the same machine including rotary (pizza) blade holders in 19mm, 28mm and 45mm diameters, drag blade holders, creasing tools and even a Z axis drill punch. This feature gives maximum performance and versatility from the one machine.

The Elektron Mono LC is unlike any other single steered tool plotter cutter. The Elektron Mono LC carries a single tool shaft which comes from Aeronaut’s top of the line four tool Elektron Quattro. The motor which steers the tool shaft is fixed in position it does not raise and lower with the blade holder which gives greater speed and accuracy. For applications which require extreme pressure for cutting and creasing, a higher tool-pressure version is available.

The Elektron B1 is a single Bayonet Toolholder automated cutter.

It is intended for work where one bayonet mount tool is used for most production jobs, but there is a requirement to used other tools from time to time.Since the Elektron B1 carries bayonet mount tools, its main use is where factories need to carry a powered tool such as a reciprocating blade cutter or ultrasonic tool. If powered tools are not required, then anElektron Mono single cam-lock tool holderis the right machine.

he Aeronaut Elektron B1 is a versatile heavy-duty plotter cutter which combines the accuracy and reliabilty of the Elektron chassis with the versatility and industrial strength of Aeronaut’s well proven bayonet-mount quick change tooling. Aeronaut introduced bayonet-mount quick change tools to plotter cutters in the mid-90’s.

The large bore steered toolholders allow powered tools such as reciprocating blade cutters to be carried meaning the Elektron B1 can be used for applications where thick and difficult materials have to be cut such as corrugated cardboard, box making, composites, rubber, cork and filter materials.

When fitted with ultrasonic tools, the Elektron B1 can be used to cut many technical textiles which are not possible to cut by conventional methods, and to cut and edge seal synthetic fabric.

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